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Kelly was so patient with me as my husband would not make up his mind. It took almost two weeks for him to decide to sell our old car for cash or to fix it. They came out, showed me where to sign my title and paid me cash right at my house. Mrs. Charles J

My transmission blew and I couldn’t get the car in reverse. My mechanic told me that I’d have to pay over $1600 for a new transmission and Jim paid me more than that for the car just the way it was. Thanks “Cash For Car Chicago”. Michael S.

I needed to sell my car quickly because they were going to turn off my electric. Their tow truck was at my house within two hours and paid me for the car and Jon gave me a ride to the Currency Exchange because my husband had the car at work. He waited for me and drove me back home. Everyone at the company couldn’t have been nicer. Thank you so much! Janice L.

I had to move our broken car right away because the snow restrictions went into effect at midnight that night last week. Jimmy came out and picked it up so I wouldn’t get a ticket and took it back to their yard. They never charged me storage while I applied for a duplicate title and once I got it back from the state, they mailed me a check. Please tell Jimmy thank you again. Jacob P.

Kelly not only bought my car, but they picked it up on a Saturday after work when I could be home. She made sure that I was comfortable with the price and was on the phone with me as the car was being picked up. I’m a single lady and have never sold a car before. The driver wore a uniform and had all the lights on when he picked up my car. Thank you to Kelly and Cash For Car Chicago. Mildred A.

We had an old used car that our son drove in high school and it had been sitting in the garage for over 5 years. The tires were flat and it wouldn’t start. Jim got it out of our garage without hitting anything and he even filled the tires so that the car wouldn’t scratch up the floor. Thank you very much for your caring service and paying the most cash for our car. Mrs. Lionel P

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